Philosophy Resources on the Internet

These websites contain philosophy resources and guides to graduate programs in philosophy. Although they contain excellent resource material, the Missouri State Philosophy Department does not necessarily endorse statements or opinions on these websites.
Contains thousands of links to philosophy resources on the internet.
This site, for philosophy students, is authored by John Fritzman, a Lecturer in our department from 1997-99. He provides some excellent resources along with a bit of humor. The books he lists as being " out of print (use Orbis)" should be available in our own Meyer Library (use Swan).
This site also contains a link to the National Research Council's 1995 Rankings of philosophy departments. This information, titled Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change, is also available in print at the Missouri State Meyer Library, in stacks (where you can check it out) or in the reference area.

The Philosophical Gourmet Report 2002 - 2006
Brian Leiter's Philosophical Gourmet Report.
University of Florida's Career Handbook for Graduates.
While this website is aimed at University of Florida's students, most of its content is applicable to anyone going on to graduate study.

Philosophy journals, links, contests for undergraduates