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The philosophy department is student driven and wants you to excel in every way possible. Getting involved in an extra-curricular activity gives you the competitive edge you need when looking to further your career or applying to graduate school.

The faculty in the philosophy department are supportive of students being involved in experiences outside the classroom. Our professors encourage students to submit their work into contests or conferences around the country.

On this page, you will find some great opportunities you can get involved right away! These student organizations also provide opportunities for you to get involved in both the Missouri State and Springfield communities.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is a great networking tool and a place for you to meet monthly with fellow students with shared interests. The Philosophy Club is active in interdisciplinary presentations and sets aside one meeting each semester for a student presentation.

Logical contest

The logical contest is an annual meeting designed to allow students to test their skills intellectually while learning about philosophy. The idea of the logical contest is to show students outside the program how much they know about philosophy and how beneficial it can be to their degree. The winners of the contest will be deemed most logical and will receive a prize.

Midsouth Philosophy Conference

This annual conference in Memphis is for students to exhibit their skills in front of professors and students from around the country. Students will pre-submit work that they have created for this purpose or work they have from an assignment.

For more information about any of these opportunities please contact the department office.